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A Picnic By The Sea
For Any Occasion


What You Need

Grab your favourite picnic basket and get ready to pack a little something for a special seaside experience. 

Fresh Produce

x 100g green & red grapes

x 200g assorted berries 

x 100g carrots cut into sticks 

x100g celery cut into sticks 

Nuts & Dried Fruits

x 100g roasted mixed nuts

x 50g dried fig 

x 50g dried apricot 

x 50g goji berries and coconut mix 

Breads & Crackers

x 1 baguette sliced 2cm thick 

x 100g original water crackers

Cheeses & Dips

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Hummus

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Peri Peri 

x 1 Sydney's Quality - French Onion

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Persian Feta w/herbs

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Australian Feta 

Antipasto & Olives

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Marinated Antipasto 

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Stuffed Vine Leaves

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Falafel

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Greek Split Olives 

Meats optional*

Cured Meats 

x 100g Danish Hot Salami 

x 100g Tripple Smocked Ham 

x 100g Italian Proscuitto


1. Wash and pack all your fresh produce ready for easy unpacking. 

2. Transfer your nuts and dried fruits into take-away ramekins. 

3. Pack your Sydney's Quality Dips straight into the basket. Our containers are designed to be stacked. 

4. Currate your meats in a container for easy unpacking. 

5. Precut your baguette and store in brown paper bag hile transporting. 

6. Pair your picnic with your favourite Chardonnay or enjoy with your favourite beverages. 

Tips & Tricks

1. Pack a few ice packs between your cold items to keep them fresh and safe to eat. 

2. Try making our Strawberry and Feta Salad for the picnic! 

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