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Your Easy Guide For The Ultimate Grazing Board


What You Need

You'll need a grazing board big enough for 8-10 people and a handful of ramakins. 

Fresh Produce

x 500g green & red grapes

x 1 large pear 

x 500g assorted berries 

x 1 cup of loose pinched fresh herbs 

Nuts & Dried Fruits

x 50g roasted unsalted almonds 

x 50g roasted walnuts 

x 80g dried apricot 

x 80g dried fig 

Breads & Crackers

x 1 baguette sliced 2cm thick 

x 100g original water crackers

x 100g pretzels

Cheeses & Dips

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Hummus

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Labneh

x 1 Sydney's Quality - French Onion

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Marinated Feta 

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Goats Cheese

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Persian Feta w/herbs

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Australian Feta w/herbs

Antipasto & Olives

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Sundried Tomatoes

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Roasted Capsicum

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Grilled Eggplant 

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Stuffed Vine Leaves

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Falafel

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Greek Mixed Olives

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Sicilian Olives

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Pitted Kalamata 

Meats optional*

Cured Meats 

x 100g Danish Hot Salami 

x 100g Tripple Smocked Ham 

x 100g Italian Proscuitto

x 100g Coppa

x 100g Soppressata

x 100 Basturma 


1. Start by thinking about how you want to arrange your grazing board. People eat with their eyes, so how you arrange your board is super important. 

2.  Take your cheeses and start to arrange them on your board. 

3. Next take your meats and place them close to your cheeses by far enough to be divided by crackers or fruits. 

4. Now place your dips in smaller ramakins and place them around the board.

5. Now start placing your antipasti including olives around the board, keeping in mind contrasting colours. 

6. Add in your fruit and vegetables near your dips. 

7. Place your breads and crackers near dry sections to avoid soggy carbs.

8. Now fill in the empty spaces with your nuts and dried fruit.

9. Your final touches are bringing those big colour bursts from your fresh pinched herbs, think mint, tarragon and sage!

Tips & Tricks

1. Heat your olives with olive oil to release the natural aromas of the olives, the oil and the herbs. 

2. If you have guests who are allergic to nuts, consider replacing your nuts with goji berries and sultanas. 

3. Make sure your meats and your cheeses don't touch to avoid contamination.

4. Try placing small bowls of covered ice to keep your meats and cheese at a healthy temperature whilst being enjoyed for hours. 

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