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Strawberries and Feta Like Never Before


What You Need

Fresh Produce

x 2 cups of baby spinach 

x 1 cup loose fresh mint

x 100g washed and sliced strawberries 

x 1 Sydney's Quality - Australian Feta

x 80g roasted walnuts 

x 3 tablespoon olive oil 

x pinch of salt and pepper

x drizzle of quality balsamic vinegar 


1. Start by washing and patting dry your mint and spinach. Set into a wide set bowl and leave to the side. 

2.  Lightly pan roast your walnuts to release the rich nutty flavours. Only for 60 seconds constantly moving. Once cooled, crush into rough rustic pieces. 

3. Grab your washed and dried strawberries and start to slice them into halves or quarters depending on the size. 

4. Assemble your strawberries in your greens, and throw in your walnuts in a random pattern being careful not to place them in one area. 

5. Grab your trusted Sydney's Quality Dips Australian Feta and with a teaspoon start to spoon in your cheese. 

6. Drizzle olive oil evenly, sprinkle freshly cracked pepper and salt and finish with a splash of balsamic vinegar. 

7. Serve as a side or as a healthy lunch!

Tips & Tricks

1. Use the olive oil from Sydney's Quality Dips marinades instead for an added flavour. 

2. You can substitute the Australian Feta with any of your Sydney's Quality Dips Cheese range faves. 

3. For a dairy-free option, simply leave out the Feta 

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